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Why? ._.

Guys, why do you always point out Yesungs mistakes?

I think we all know that he isn’t the best dancer. But he can sing like no one else in Super Junior (My opinion!) There’s no reason to point out his mistakes everytime. Even tough I find it cute when he’s doing mistakes but think of Yesung.

I bet you know that he doesn’t have most self-confidence and imagine how he will feel if he is seeing his mistakes pointed out?

I just think that we should stop discussing about his mistakes. I have nothing agains pointing them out, but adding comments like "Why is he in Super Junior? He is not able to dance" "Haha, that idiot made a mistake again, I hope he will be thrown out soon" or "I HATE YESUNG! He ruins everything" is just stupid.

I know that many of you, who point the mistakes out are Yesung-biased. I am Yesung biased to and I find it funny and cute if he makes mistakes but that’s Yesung. And know one can change this. If you are a real cloud, you wouldn’t add such comments. Just saying.

[Please don’t get it wrong. I am not made or anything like this. I just want to say that. Hope you guys understand. If not, just ignore this.]

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